Welcome to Project Never Quit, a place to share ideas, strategies, stories and more. Intended to motivate you to Never Quit in the pursuit of any goals you may have.


Why Never Quit?

In 2010 I was involved in a serious car accident after picking up my oldest daughter from daycare. The accident resulted in a shattered right foot, which required surgery, followed by a month-long stay in bed  on a “healthy” diet of opium based pain medication.

During my forced vacation, the book LONE SURVIVOR by US Navy SEAL Marcus Luttrell, became a great source of inspiration to heal faster and deal with the multiple challenges that the accident had placed upon my family.

In the book, Luttrell describes how after being shot several times, severely wounded with a broken back and legs, and knowing that his SEAL brothers were already dead, he dragged himself for several miles out of the battlefield (killing at least one enemy combatant in the process), the only way he kept himself motivated was by thinking of two simple words: NEVER QUIT.

“I will never quit. My nation expects me to be physically harder and mentally stronger than my enemies.” – Lone Survivor

At the personal level, those two words have had a great deal of influence  when dealing with several obstacles at work, crossfit, and life in general. Although powerful, NEVER QUIT is not the only phrase out there with the potential to bring about positive change. Therefore, I’ve deiced to collect more examples of inspirational stories, phrases and  individuals, capable of having the same effect, and share them with as many people as possible, becoming  PROJECT NEVER QUIT.


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